Welcome to the upcoming movie Dyke Hard’s official website!

Dyke Hard is a feature length movie currently being produced in Stockholm and Stjärnhov (Sweden) by a group of film nerds in love with trash.

The movie is about a failed lesbian rock group on their way to a battle of the bands in the big city. They team up with a thaiboxer on her way to a martial arts tournament and together they go through all kinds of adventures with ghosts, ninjas, cyborgs, prison breaks, evil rollerderby girls, a motorcycle gang and a mysterious billionaire. Of course this movie is a musical and of course the story takes place in 1986. In true John Waters style we explore female comedy to the chocking max, but men-loving viewers need not worry – their will be plenty of poledancers, prison guards, cute bears and body builder ballet as well. Also tranny chasers should love this movie since several of the main characters and many of the extras are transgendered or transsexual.

However you do not need to be queer or feminist to enjoy this movie, the eye candy alone is outstanding, each and every detail manufactured manually by the control freak director Bitte Andersson. Then add the awsome FX by Martin Borell from one of Scandinavias biggest effect studios Fidofilm and the beautiful cinematography by teenage genious Alexi Carpentieri, who skipped school the last couple of years to write and direct an insane amount of mindboggling shorts on 8mm. Chrystal clear sound is delivered by experienced sound technician Alexandra Esser and striking looks by freak loving make-up artist Emelie Henriksson.

The Plot of Dyke Hard is based on a previous series of fake trailers this trio started making as a kind of wish list to the film industry. After having made one trailer, the action film one, they completely changed their minds and decided to put the sci-fi trailer, the horror-trailer, the prison trailer, the biker trailer and the other trailer ideas together in one feature length movie instead. That way casting, costumes, locations and other efforts could get more screentime and the final product would be more rewarding and fun to see than just a 2,5 min glimpse.

The Dyke Hard crew is currently looking for funding, so please contact director Bitte Andersson if you want to be involved or have any good advice, bitte.andersson[at]gmail.com.

Since cast and crew are unpaid and have full time jobs, production is spread out summer 2011 – summer 2012. We edit as we shoot, but the remaining postproduction will take place in the fall of 2012.

Even though story, casting and general ambiance has changed completely since that first trailer we made, you can still watch it to get an idea of our style. Bon film!

Dyke Hard from Bitte Andersson on Vimeo.

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