New poster!

16 Dec


Official trailer

14 Oct

Improved trailer coming up

6 Sep

We’re currently giving our trailer better sound, colors and updated graphics. The improved trailer is coming up soon!

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19 Mar

It’s a WRAP!

27 Sep

After two years of hard work the production of Dyke Hard has finally come to an end!

The last shooting day about 35 prisoners blew a styrofoam brick wall apart. In the evening there was a big roller derby fight and the day after we did some pickups, with among other things, the directors head being crushed according to Troma team tradition. It was awsome!

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13 Jun

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The poster is here!

15 May

Lookout! Here is Dyke Hard’s official poster! Avaliable in 70x100cm print for $20 + shipping. E-mail your order to